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Do you know where
your trash ends up?
Probably in a river.

Immerse yourself
in reality


of the garbage found in rivers ends up in the oceans.

Source: ECLAC


tons of plastic are found in rivers and lakes around the world.

Source: OECD


units of trash/m2 of riverbank is the average found in Chilean rivers.

Source: Prg. Garbage Scientists

Let's take care
of our rivers!

It is time to take the first step, let's start collecting the debris floating in its waters.

to Nauco

We are a company that cleans rivers of ocean-bound plastic waste.
Our biggest responsibility: taking care of our rivers.


Decontaminate and clean up the plastic that circulates in the rivers

Why is it important?

How are we going to clean them?

With people, technology and bubbles, lots of bubbles.

Our system generates a bubble curtain that blocks the passage of plastics floating in rivers.

Bubble curtain

A curtain of bubbles is formed across the width of the rivers, generated by the injection of air from our system.

Plastic collector

The bubble curtain directs the waste to our collector, which extracts the plastics and papers that sail in its waters.

Benefits of our system

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